Distinctive, Intriguing and Artistic Whisky Crafted In Yorkshire

"Nature, skill and time have combined to produce one of the most harmonious and smooth bottlings I have ever had the pleasure to sip. Pure poetry"


Traditional methods and genuine skill


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Our whisky & packaging is a work of art

Whittaker's Whisky Walk

An armchair walk on a winter’s night
That leads along the lane
In memory, as clear as sight,
The Spring is here again.
New green’s clash with bright azure
Above the shining Nidd;
The golden, piping kingfisher
Arrows where the trout are hid.
The valley basks as summer lambs
Complain at mossy walls;
At dusk the roding woodcock loops,
Bats flitter as night falls.

Another sip, and closing eyes
Find autumn’s amber gold
Kaleidoscope, and fantasize
To leave outside the dark and cold,
To gaze up to the steep woodside
Where Brimham’s gritstone dancing bear
Stands dreaming where the great rocks hide,
Across from that rock-carven hare

Who lopes across the glass that holds
Its mellow distillation of remembered moments –
Taste and sight and sound enfolds
Me now - and rolls around
The mouth and mind.

Alastair Ferneley January 2023

A land of contrasts with windswept moorland, delightful valleys and exhilarating wildlife

Created in Nidderdale

Rightly famous for characterful hares,
gnarly craftsmen and from 1st August 2024...
amazing whisky too.

Released 1st August 2024

Blood sweat and tears

We take great care to ensure all the ingredients which go to create our whisky, are carefully selected. The water is from the spring on our farm and the barley is grown at the end of the river Nidd on another family farm, Poplars Farm, Ferrensby owned by Andrew and Ione Cumming (née Whittaker). This year, the barley is Diablo and is currently being malted and milled at Thomas Fawcett & Sons in Castleford, West Yorkshire. Our casks are predominantly ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry and ex-Rum, so look out for three different expressions. We can’t help but try different things, so we have some wonderful surprises up our sleeve, but that is for the future – think Vintage Port…

Nidderdale is no stranger to brewing and the heritage of malting barley. Did you know that Nidderdale means ‘Valley of sparkling water’? This is due to the multitude of springs that exist in the Valley of the River Nidd. Indeed our own spring ultimately ends up in the river by Summerbridge. The Dale has a strong history of brewing and historic records show where malt kilns operated centuries ago. One recorded at Thornthwaite and one at Braisty Woods. There were were breweries at Pateley Bridge, so really we are just bringing back to Nidderdale what should have been here in the first place. Scotland has developed a wonderful industry with Scotch Whisky and now it is time for Yorkshire to show what it can do.

The climate in this part of the world is temperate, so, not only is it the best place to produce cattle and sheep, but it also happens to be excellent for maturing casks.

What we think
What we think
When we say blood, sweat and tears, we mean it. Every drop of our Whisky has what I like to call soul and represents what we stand for – Excellence!
— Toby Whittaker (Master Distiller)

We use crisp,
pure water drawn
from our own
Harewell Spring

Whittaker's Distillery

Harewell House Farm, Harrogate HG3 4HQ, United Kingdom

Wednesday to Saturday 12noon to 5.30pm

Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday