PRE ORDER - 2024 FIRST EDITION - 48.3% ABV Double bourbon cask-aged English Single Malt Whisky


We are proud to release our debut  '2024 First Edition' 48.3% double bourbon cask-aged whisky from casks R5 to R13.  This is along with our 'First Release' are the first ever single malt whiskies produced in the Yorkshire Dales. 

Our '2024 First Edition' is bold, innovative and light golden in colour.  On the palate you will discover creamy caramel, with spicy, nutty notes finishing with fresh vanilla, old fashioned toffee and apricot.  It is likely to be a classic and we fully expect it to be recognised as one of the finest whiskies available. 

We expect around 2000 bottles for this release but as this is a pre-release and the whisky has yet to be bottled, the exact number is still unknown.

The '2024 First Edition' bottle's journey - We re-casked first fill ex-bourbon ASB casks 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 and finished them in first fill ex bourbon quarter casks. After sampling the whisky in the ASBs at 3 years, both the flavour and colour profiles were there but we decided to finish the whisky in quarter casks in order to further elevate both the colour, the flavour and accelerate the maturation. 

These casks were all filled in April, May and June 2020 and the grain used to make this whisky was predominantly Golden Promise with Cask 10 a combination of Laureate, Maris Otter and Golden Promise. The new make spirit was originally casked at 72% ABV. When finishing in the quarter casks we tempered the spirit down to 63.5% ABV for optimal maturation in the cask. 

Blood sweat and tears

We take great care to ensure all the ingredients which go to create our whisky, are carefully selected. The water is from the spring on our farm and the barley is grown at the end of the river Nidd on another family farm, Poplars Farm, Ferrensby owned by Andrew and Ione Cumming (née Whittaker).

What we say
What we say
When we say blood, sweat and tears, we mean it.  Every drop of our Whisky has what I like to call soul and represents what we stand for – Excellence!
— Toby Whittaker (Master Distiller)